Top 5 best sneaker brands in France

The current shoe trend is sneakers and trainers. To join the dance and be at the forefront of fashion, certain brands are essential. Discover here our selection of the best sneaker brands in France.

La Bise à Denise, the brand of contemporaries sneakers

La Bise a Denise proposes premium sneakers that reflects a unique aesthetics, different from the conventional rules to creates something new. You can visit their website to have an overview of their sneakers.

Eco-responsibility is their key word. Through ethic choices and the use of 100% recyclable materials, La Bise à Denise, is a brand of sneakers that incarnates art and design values. They create original and elegant sneakers made in Europe while respecting the environmental rule.

Monza, the brand of elegant sneakers

Monza is an Italian brand of premium quality sneakers designed for ultimate steel durability and performance. They are made with suede leather, sole rubber for maximum pedal feel and control for motorcyclists. Monza manufactures comfortable shoes that can be used for everyday activities.

Zeta shoes, the eco-responsible brand

Since 2020, Laure has created a zero-waste and committed sneaker brand. The aim is to manufacture sneakers of quality with the lowest impact on environment and on people. The sneakers of Zèta shoes are designed in Bordeaux, France and manufactured in short circuits by Portuguese artisans in Portugal. Over the years, Zèta has become a sustainable movement and a community of committed people.

Sessile, the French brand of ecological sneakers

Sessile is the 100% European sneakers brand. Created at the end of 2019, this brand is known for its eco-designed sneakers, repairable and recyclable. Entirely made in the La Manufacture workshop in France, the Sessile sneakers are manufactured according to five pillars : raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use and end of life.

CAVAL : the brand that stylises your walk

Born in 2013 with Achille, Simon & Benoît, Caval is the story of a brand of exceptional sneakers ! This brand seduces through the asymmetrical lines and the graphic color schemes characterising each pairs of sneakers.

The Caval mixed sneakers are made with top quality Italian leathers that confers them a unique design in the world. That’s not all ; these sneakers are handmade in the workshop of the brand in Guimarães in Portugal. Besides, the leather is from Lombardy in Italy. This comes to testify again of the excellent reputation of Caval brand.

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