The new series “Terminal” premieres on Canal+ on Monday, April 22. A French sitcom starring Jamel Debbouze that debuted 25 years after the famous “H”

With “Terminal,” Jamel Debbouze brings back the sitcom 25 years after “H.” The first episodes of this live-filmed series will premiere on Canal+ this Monday, April 22. This time, Jamel Debbouze and his companion Ramzy Bedia tackle an airport’s hallways clad in stretchers and white suits. A few other very amusing and gifted actors lend support to the dynamic duo: Doully, Laureen “lapotegenante” (on Instagram), Brahim Bouhlel, Bérangère McNeese, Camille Chamoux, and Tristan Lopin. This happy group depicts the workers at Flywingz, a budget airline, as equally awkward as one another.

Describe the series.
Jamel Debbouze has decided to situate the series in an airport, as the name would imply. “It’s truly a crossroads, a place of passage where all origins, all generations, and all social classes cross paths,” he said, elaborating on his decision during a news conference at the Canneseries a few weeks ago. The ensemble plays a variety of Flywingz employees, ranging from the awkward pilot to the raw flight attendant. a gallery of distinct personalities dealing with a range of miscommunications and ridiculous circumstances.

THE series was filmed in front of a 150-person live audience.
Take it all the way if you’re going to revive sitcoms on French television. similar to “H” The twelve “Terminal” episodes were filmed and recorded in front of a live audience of 150 people twenty-five years ago. a chance to hear onlookers laughing in between lines. It’s comparable to theater on film. Having audience reaction is extraordinary for an actor like Jamel Debbouze, who stated as much during the press conference.

A number of celebrities appear in the series, most notably Ramzy Bedia, who was already well-known from “H” at the time. Several visitors, including Camille Cottin, Manu Payet, and even Kad Merad and Stéphane De Groodt, have made appearances to liven up certain shows.

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