Preview: A Unique Gathering of Fashion Brands at CAST, Your Premier Trading Platform for Shoes, Sports, and Fashion

“An Introduction Preview: Nieuwegein’s Innovative Fashion Initiative by CAST. Since July 2020, dynamic fashion agencies and brands have collaborated with us to create many successful editions. Take in the laid-back vibe while perusing the newest offerings from stunning and coordinating businesses. Each brand on the exhibition floor has a straightforward concept and presentation, resulting in a special collection of pertinent brands for discriminating retailers.

Concerning Cast:

CAST, which was founded in 1984, is the leading marketplace for trading shoes, sports goods, and clothing. Situated along the A2 road in Nieuwegein, it effectively links supply and demand. With more than 150 showrooms featuring both domestic and foreign brands,

With the choice to pre-order or buy from stock, CAST’s scheduled purchasing days provide buyers the chance to visit each season and have a personal look at new and existing collections. CAST is still a major force in the fashion business, proudly acting as a brand ambassador for more than 500 companies.

“Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

January 22, 2024 – January 22, 2024

PREVIEW MEN – Refined Trade Show by CAST”

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