Hermès opens a new maroquinerie in response to demand for his well-known Birkin and Kelly bags.

The new maroquinerie studio will open in the southwest, near Angolême, according to the announcement made by the French luxury house. a 5,500 square meter structure intended to accommodate 260 workers.

Luxury is a success that never goes away. Its net annual profit increased by 28% to 4,3 billion euros in 2023 despite its sales reaching 13,4 billion euros, thanks to advancements in every region. Hermès, the Cac 40’s third-highest value, continues to expand in response to consumer demand. According to Fashion Network, the vendor is planning to construct a new maroquinerie in the southwest in the commune of L’Isle-d’Espagnac, exactly 4 kilometers from Angolême. in order to increase its production capacity.

A previously planned opening

One of the places that allows one to be closest to the École Hermès, located in Marthon, Charente, and approved by the national education administration. Fashion Network reports that in order to guarantee the preservation of artisanal knowledge, 40 apprentices are educated annually in coupe et piquage and maroquinerie-sellerie. Training for the new L’Isle-d’Espagnac website has already begun. Hermès intends to open a second facility in Loupes, Gironde, in the future. The area currently occupied by Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (Landes) will be expanded by 6,000 square meters.

In the past ten years, Hermès has doubled its effectiveness and employed 22,000 people worldwide. It is claimed that the ongoing demand for certain of its bags—like the Kelly and Birkin—is a result of their popularity. This year, each employee will get a bonus of four thousand euros. With 6.3 billion euros in sales in China and 1.3 billion in Japan (+14,5%), the Asian market is still performing well even though sales in Europe have increased. Sales in the maroquinerie-sellerie segment, the group’s main business, climbed by 11.8% in 2023.


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