Eleventh Annual LVMH Prize 2024 for Emerging Fashion Designers

The unveiling of the 20 semi-finalists for the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers 2024 demonstrates the competition’s international appeal and dedication to developing fresh talent in the fashion industry. This year’s edition features contenders from 18 nations, including first-time competitors from Mexico, Moldova, and Togo, demonstrating a wide range of cultures and creative concepts.

The introduction of the Savoir-Faire Prize is a big step forward, highlighting the value of craftsmanship, technical skill, innovation, and sustainability. These ideals represent the fashion and luxury industries’ shifting goals, which are consistent with broader trends toward more responsible and ethical design processes.

For industry observers, students, and aspiring designers, numerous points jump out:

1-Global Diversity and Representation: The semi-finalists’ vast geographic spread demonstrates the LVMH Prize’s global reach and the variety of fresh fashion talent sources. This diversity enriches the global fashion narrative by introducing a wide range of cultural perspectives, aesthetics, and inventions.

2-The Savoir-Faire Prize represents a rising emphasis on sustainability and workmanship in fashion. This corresponds with consumer preferences for ethical manufacture and long-lasting, timeless goods over quick fashion.

3-Digital Engagement: The choice to stage the semi-finals digitally and allow the general public to vote underlines the growing importance of digital platforms in fashion. It democratizes the decision process to some level and reflects how digital involvement is becoming increasingly important for brand visibility

4-Mentorship & Support for Emerging Designers: The LVMH Prize provides crucial mentorship and financial support to new designers. They provide not only recognition but also practical aid in navigating the difficulties of the fashion industry, including production, sustainability, marketing, and brand development.

Educational Opportunity: The Prize’s expansion to include fashion school graduates emphasizes the importance of education in developing the next generation of designers. It gives young talent a clear path to earn industry experience and recognition early in their careers.

For anybody interested in fashion’s future, the LVMH Prize acts as a barometer for rising trends, talents, and themes in the industry. The 2024 edition, with a record number of candidates and the addition of the Savoir-Faire Prize, promises to be an especially enlightening and exciting presentation.

The LVMH Prize includes three unique accolades:

The LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers emphasizes creativity and comes with a €400,000 prize. The laureate also receives a year of personalized mentorship from a specialist LVMH team.

The Karl Lagerfeld Prize recognizes a nascent brand’s creative brilliance by awarding a €200,000 grant and one year of coaching.

The newly established Savoir-Faire Prize recognizes great craftsmanship, technical proficiency, innovation, and a dedication to sustainability within a fledgling brand. This award comprises a €200,000 stipend and a year-long mentorship program geared primarily at boosting skill development in these critical areas.

The Prize also honors three fashion school graduates. Each successful graduate and their institution receive €10,000, and the graduates are offered the option to work in the design studio of one of the group’s brands for a year. Applications for this chance will be accepted at the lvmhprize.com website until March 17, 2024.

Semi-finalists chosen for the LVMH PRIZE are:

AGBOBLY by Jacques Agbobly, Togo, offers both menswear and womenswear.
AUBERO by Julian Louie, United States, focuses on menswear.
CAMPILLO by Patricio Campillo, Mexico; also focusing in menswear.
CHIAHUNG SU by Chia Hung Su, Taiwan, offers genderless collections.
DURAN LANTINK by Duran Lantink from the Netherlands, with collections encompassing womenswear, menswear, and genderless designs.
Elena Velez, based in the United States, specializes in womenswear.
FIDAN NOVRUZOVA by Fidan Novruzova from Moldova, concentrating on womenswear
HODAKOVA by Ellen Hodakova Larsson, Sweden, specializes in womenswear.JIYONGKIM by Jiyong Kim, South Korea, focuses on menswear.
Karoline Vitto, from Brazil, offers womenswear.
KHOKI by Koki Abe, Japan, focuses on menswear.
Marie Adam-Leenaerdt, from Belgium, specializes in womenswear.
Niccolò Pasqualetti from Italy offers genderless collections.
Paolo Carzana, United Kingdom, offers both menswear and womenswear.
PAULINE DUJANCOURT by Pauline Dujancourt of France, specializing in womenswear
PONDER.ER by Derek Cheng and Alex Po, China, with genderless collections.
STANDING GROUND by Michael Stewart from Ireland, dedicated to womenswear
VAUTRAIT by Yonathan Carmel of Israel, specializing on womenswear
WHO DECIDES WAR by Everard Best and Tela D’Amore Best, United States, offers both menswear and womenswear.
YA YI by Yayi Chen Zhou, Spain, specializes in womenswear.


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